Support Center will help tenants and landlords

Both tenants and landlords with questions will soon be able to contact the independent Rent Support Center Groningen.
Photo: Stella Dekker.
Photo: Stella Dekker.
Photo: Stella Dekker.
Photo: Stella Dekker.

The Rent Support Center is currently being established. Its task is to provide free legal advice, to provide support and to mediate on issues between tenants and landlords in the municipality of Groningen. Every resident of the municipality with a rental question will soon be welcome at the Rent Support Center.

The Rent Support Center Groningen receives a subsidy from the municipality of Groningen. Part-time employees with knowledge of tenancy law are appointed from the subsidy. They are supported by a team of volunteers consisting of expert students from the University of Groningen and Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

Tenants and landlords can find all kinds of information about renting on this website. Examples of topics are unreasonable rental prices, unclear all-in rental prices, problems with maintenance, excessive service costs and incorrect brokerage costs.

If tenants and landlords cannot resolve the matter themselves, there is always the option to contact us and to present specific rental issues to the Rent Support Center. An employee of the Rent Support Center will consider the matter, give legal advice and, if necessary, mediate between tenant and landlord.

The Rent Support Center can assist a tenant with reaching out to the landlord and also provide support in bringing a case to the Rent Tribunal. In extreme cases, the Rent Support Center can also support a tenant in taking a case to court.

It is our intention to get an office in Groningen in the course of this year. Tenants and landlords will be welcome there with their questions and problems. As soon as there is more news about a physical counter, it will be available on this website.

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Foto: Andrew Cooper.

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