The characteristics of a good rental contract

A good rental contract must meet several requirements. Check here to see if your lease is in order.
Photo: Cytonn.
Photo: Cytonn.
Photo: Cytonn.
Photo: Cytonn.

A lease contains all the agreements between the tenant and the landlord. By putting the agreements on paper and signing them, it is clear that both parties are making a commitment.

First, it is important to pay attention to the type of the contract. There are different kinds of rental agreements between tenants and landlords. For example, a lease for a dorm room will have different terms than a lease for a single-family home.

Second, it is important to determine the duration of the lease. As a landlord, you can offer a fixed-term lease or an indefinite lease. For room rentals, it is common to draw up a fixed-term agreement and for single-family homes, an indefinite contract is common.

Third, the rent comes into play. A landlord can offer an inclusive or an exclusive rent. In practice, the rent is almost always divided into three elements: the bare rent, utilities and service charges.

The security deposit often goes hand in hand with the rent. It is common that the amount of the security deposit is equal to the total rent for one month. However, landlords may deviate from this.

Finally, there are several administrative variables in leases. Examples include the start date of the lease, the address of the residential property, the payment terms, and the bank details and general information of the tenant and landlord.

On the website of Rocket Lawyer you can easily draw up a sample lease via a questionnaire. Would you like to have a rental agreement checked or do you have further questions? Please feel free to contact the Rent Support Center Groningen.

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