Our goal

Rent Support Center Groningen has the task of providing free legal advice, support and mediation in matters between tenants and landlords in the municipality of Groningen. Every inhabitant of the municipality with a rental question or rental problem is welcome at the Rent Support Center.

Tenants and landlords can find all kinds of information about renting on this website. Examples of topics are high rents, unclear all-in prices, problems with maintenance, excessively high service costs or incorrect mediation costs.

If tenants or landlords cannot find a solution themselves or if tenants want or need assistance in solving their issue, there is always the possibility to contact the Rent Support Center and to discuss specific rental issues. An employee or volunteer of the Rent Support Center will then look into the matter, give legal advice and, if necessary, mediate between the tenant and landlord.

If tenant and landlord can not come to an agreement through our mediation, the Rent Support Center can also offer a tenant support in filing a case with the Rent Tribunal. In extreme cases, the Rent Support Center can also support a tenant in filing a court case.

The aim of all our efforts is to help the rental sector of the municipality of Groningen move forward. We want everyone to be able to live fairly in Groningen.

About us

Rent Support Center Groningen was founded in 2021 and is an initiative of the municipality of Groningen and the Groningen Student Union.

The Support Centre receives a subsidy from the municipality of Groningen. The subsidy is used to hire the director, who manages the Support Centre. He is supported by a team of volunteers consisting of law students from the University of Groningen and the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen.

Rent Support Center Groningen is independent and set up as a foundation. The foundation has a three-member board, which will be controlled by a three-member supervisory board.

At this time the board consists of Matthijs Oldenburger, Lise Deijs and Marinus Jongman

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