Rent Support Center Is Looking For Volunteers

Do you enjoy helping others and would you like to gain experience in tenancy law? Then read on quickly!
Lopster veerhuis. Foto: m66roepers
Lopster veerhuis. Foto: m66roepers

At the Rent Support Center we are looking for enthusiastic and motivated volunteers.

The Support Center assists, supports and advises tenants with all kinds of questions in the field of tenancy law. For example questions regarding the rental contract, questions about service costs, questions about defects in the rented accommodation, but also for example questions about the correctness of a proposal for a rent increase.

Every resident of the municipality with a rental question or rental problem is very welcome at the Rent Center. The Support Center not only answers questions, but also conducts home visits, negotiates with landlords and, where necessary, initiates proceedings with the Rent Tribunal to find a solution for the tenant.

Who are we looking for?

Are you a WO or HBO law student in Groningen, motivated to help people and looking for unique practical experience within your studies?
At the Rent Support Center you can gain experience in tenancy law by helping residents of the municipality of Groningen with their tenant affairs.

In our beautiful office at the Damsterdiep you can gain a unique experience with fellow students in terms of mediation, practical knowledge, tenancy law training, and the like.

We are looking for students who are strongly interested in tenancy law and who are available for at least 4 hours a week. In addition, we think it is important that someone is intrinsically motivated to help others and that they can work both individually and in a team. It goes without saying that we think it is important that someone has a good command of the Dutch language, in word and writing.

What do we offer?

The Support Center offers a small-scale but fun working environment, which deals with all kinds of aspects of tenancy law. Experience can be gained in maintaining contact with and assisting tenants, so that experience is also gained in building up a file.

We also offer specialist knowledge with regard to the tenancy law of residential accommodation and there is the possibility to gain experience in starting and conducting proceedings at the Rent Assessment Committee.

You may also go on a home visit, for example to take a look at defects reported by a tenant. It is therefore the ideal opportunity to prepare yourself for a tenancy law exam or to gain experience in the legal practice.

Is this something for you and would you like to help tenants out? Send your CV + motivational letter to: and hopefully see you soon!

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